BCYPAA stands for British Columbia Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous

BCYPAA Facts, Aims and Purposes

BCYPAA stands for British Columbia Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous. Its purpose is to build and strengthen unity in young people’s groups across BC. It was conceived amidst the excitement and fervor brought to Vancouver by the 9th annual Western Area Conference of Young People in AA. Capturing the spirit of a strong benevolent fellowship, the idea of a young people’s conference to take place solely in BC was born.

BCYPAA aspires to integrate young people throughout the province as it will travel to a different city or region each year. The locations are to be decided by a bidding process held at each conference every year and approved by an elected Advisory council. The Advisory council will also serve to guide the host committees. All areas of BC are encouraged to place bids and all will be given equal consideration regardless of size, population, or location. The focus is especially to reach those areas which historically had little exposure to such events.

As the conference travels from city to city, it will bring with it a message of recovery. The expansion of bid committees across BC will encourage young members of AA to get involved in service and secure networks of support. The main objective of BCYPAA is to celebrate the miracles of a sober spiritual life.


Comments on: "BCYPAA Facts, Aims and Purposes" (5)

  1. This is a great site. I’m grateful to see it has been created, and that we are off to a good start at hosting BCYPAA7. Good job everyone.

    Kevin O.

  2. Rick Carlson said:

    Great Website. I’m stoked for sunny Kamloops this summer. Sounds like a you have some fun and delicious things for us.

  3. Great site, great job BCYPAA.! I definitely plan to be there and will spread the word!

  4. Ken Johnson said:

    I would love to see us host an event like this , because our Annual A.A. Round Ups second week of July attracts many people from around the world from Russia , Atlanta , Betty Ford Center in California , China and all over Canada and B.C.

  5. Donna Lepage said:

    Wow ………truly amazing! Living within a sober spiritual vision in BCYPAA7 is another of the many miracles of life in sobriety.
    Thank you,….in love and service

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